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Updated:  23.05.2006


*****  "Hektor" Int. MultiCh. JWW-03, NV-2004  Kramer`s Night Rider received RDCC again, this time in Scotland *****


Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show

 20th May 2006 - Cairn Terrier

                                                         Judge: Mr Les Aspin (UK)

Liz and Hektor was again in the "Top", this time in Scottland, Hugs and congratulations to both of you.

Hektor has following results after his return to Liz in September 2005:

RCC AND R.BIS at The Cairn Terrier Club Show
RCC and R.BIS at The Cairn Terrier Association Show
RCC at The Midland Cairn Terrier Club Show
CC, BOB and Group 3 at LKA 2005
RCC at Crufts 2006
RCC at Birmingham National Dog Show 2006
RCC at Scottish Kennel Club Championship  Show 2006


National Dog Show - Birmingham, UK

Judge: Mr. Kevin Sparrowhawk (GB)


Int.Multi Ch. JWW-03, NV-2004
Kramer`s Night Rider

Liz and Hektor wins RDCC again, this time in National Show in Birmingham. Well done both of you.
Thanks so mutch for taking such good care of him Liz and hugh congratulations for your fine results in the show ring so far.

Mira and Eigil


Cairn Terrier Club Show

Judge: Grethe Bergendahl (N)

Best In Show!!

Nuch, NV-2005
Kramer`s Sugar Brown
e.:  Int. Ch Multi Ch. JWW-03 NV-2004 Kramer`s Night Rider---- Nuch Fin uch Kramer`s Fenella Fair Lady

BOS- was Windline`s Large Grab.

Best In Show, Puppy!!

Kramer`s Batman Returns
e.:  Kramer`s Walker Johnny---- Kramer`s HeartBreaker

BOS- puppy was Kramer`s Zeta Jones. It has to be mentioned that 2`nd best puppy male was Kramer`s Zeppelin and 2`nd Best puppy female was Kramer`s Batwoman - all 4 pups out from Kramer`s Walker Johnny who became 2`nd Best male in sharp competition on this show.

Congratulations to all the owners.


Breeding Class

We showed Breeding class with dogs from 3 combinations. From the left:

Nuch NV-2005 Kramer`s Sugar Brown - Kramer`s Walker Johnny - 
Nuch Fin uch Kramer`s Fenella Fair Lady - Nuch Kramer`s Whispering The Name

The Judge, Grethe Bergendahl wrote this:

A very nice class with top quality dogs, good heads and expressions, exellent bodies and movement. Very good
coat quality. Congratulations to the Breeder!


SBK, Stavanger

Judge: Ligita Zake (Latvia)

Kramer`s Sugar Brown
e.:  Int. Ch Multi Ch. JWW-03 NV-2004 Kramer`s Night Rider---- Nuch Fin uch Kramer`s Fenella Fair Lady


Kramer`s Whispering The Name
e.:  GB Ch Fin uch Such DK uch Nord uch Birselaw Billy Fury---- Nuch Fin uch Magnum Opus Jamaica


Kramer`s Zeta Jones
e.:  Kramer`s Walker Johnny---- Nuch Fin uch Kramer`s Fenella Fair Lady


***CRUFTS 2006***


Liz with Hektor, good Handler and an exellent reserve mother for Hektor.



This was the most fantastic we could dream of. We was qualified with 4 dogs this year and all 4 of them were placed and we can say it now, this was our dream coming true again. First winning BOB last year and this year RDCC with the same Beautiful Hektor(Int. Multi Ch. NV-2004 Kramer`s Night Rider). We are so proud of our beautiful boy. Axo ( Nuch NV-2005 Kramer`s Sugar Brown) his son, placed no.6 in open dog also wanted to show his father that that is was no mistake that he became Norwegian Winner in 2006.

The last thing Mira ( Nuch Kramer`s Whispering The Name) did in Norway before she went to Crufts was to become a Champion and to see Atle showing her in the ring  to be 3`rd Spec-Jun.-Bitch was such a moment, well done Atle!!

Then it was Lady`s (Kramer`s Vendetta of Fury) turn. She broke of a nail few days before we went to Cruft and was limping. We thaught that this was it. Guess who we placed in the ring, non-Limping...yes...LADY;O) She showed herselfes to be 2`nd Yearling Bitch. 

We are so proud and happy, words can`t tell. 

We want to thanks all the people, no one mentioned and no one forgotten  for all support and company. A special thanks goes to Liz and Steve for making this beautiful Lunch Table for us all, with all the best of food and drinks, and again to Liz and Steve to make a beautiful evening in their fantastic house, and taking so good care of Hektor.

Finally a HUGH CONGRATULATION to Mats and Bettan, Kennel Rasken for the fantastic BOS. And then Marie for making her dream coming true with this beautiful dog becoming BOB....woooow.

Here is pictures telling this was not a was True:o)))))



Int.Multi Ch. JWW-03, NV-2004
Kramer`s Night Rider



Nuch NV-2005
Kramer`s Sugar Brown



Kramer`s Whispering The Name



Kramer`s Vendetta Of Fury

Father and Son handled by Liz and Eigil

BOB and RDCC with the exellent judge Mr. David Windsley


Atle with Mira

Liz and Atle with Junior Bitches


Eigil and Lady

A proud Couple, my very good friend Leif  Olsen, Kennel Cairness and Mira, Mrs Kramer;o) 


Thanks to Liz and 
Steve who made up this beautiful lunch table.

Mona and Thord, Eigil, Mira. Thord and Mona got a phone call on Saturday, Ninni (Kramer`s Yvonne) got her first CC and BOS in Norway while they were in UK?? Is that possible:o))) Hugh congratulations to our friends

Our dear friend Ruth just showed up on the show, we didn`t know she was coming;o)

Saticefied Atle?  He..he..well done!

Bettan in the Run:o))) BOS-Fantastic! Hugh congratulations to Mats and Bettan for the BOS. There was an entry of nearly 100 bitches!!

Liz, Bernd and Hektor: It was a big moment for Bernd and Uta, Kennel Dester Cairn to meet Hektor again. Like Liz they have also been reserve mom and Dad for Hektor while he was there some two years ago. We think Hektor is the most lucky boy in the world, having so many parents:o)))





Int. Multi Ch. JWW-03 Bundessieger A-2004, NV-2004
 Kramer`s Night Rider

Nuch Fin uch Such Nord uch
 Kramer`s Ivanhoe Fights It All

Nuch NV-2005
 Kramer`s Sugar Brown





***CRUFTS 2005***


Jww-03, Kft Jug.Ch Bundessgr. A 04 Fin uch Dkuch Nuch Int. Uch Nord Uch NV-04
Night Rider

1st,C.C. & B.O.B-- Mira and Eigil Karlsenís --CH. KRAMERíS NIGHT RIDER, where do I start? I had the privilege to judge this 
dog some 18 months ago in Finland and he impressed me then with his breed type, soundness and lack of 
exaggeration in any way especially his hindquarters, in a country, amongst others in Scandinavia where in my 
opinion some breeders are ruining our lovely breed by breeding dogs with excessively angulated hindquarters. 
He was a young dog then and 18 Months on has matured into a truly wonderful dog,I find this dog hard to fault, 
he has a head to die for, so well balanced, and watching him move around the ring brings tears to my eyes, 


Judge: Liz Hooton 

Photo: Mira Karlsen

Wooooooow, what can we say!!!! We are so, so happy to have been Best Of Breed on this Dog Show. This is really a dream come true. In addition to be Best Of Breed we also was picked out in the semifinal, best 8 Terriers.
We want to thank everybody for all support and Greetings. 



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